What flowers to give to a teacher on the first day of school?

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12 July

The first day of school is a special moment for students and teachers. It marks the beginning of a new academic year, a time to return to the learning routine and embrace new challenges. Many students want to express their respect and gratitude to their teachers at the beginning of the year, and one of the most popular ways to do this is by giving flowers. Flowers are a symbol of beauty, freshness, and life, reflecting our respect and support for teachers in their important role.

But what flowers should you choose as a gift for a teacher on the first day? Which flowers will be suitable for this special moment and will adorn the classroom or the teacher's office? Let's consider some popular options and recommendations for choosing flowers on the first day.


Roses are an immortal symbol of beauty and love. They are a classic choice for anyone and any occasion. You can give a bouquet of roses to a teacher on the first day, selecting their favorite color palette. Red roses symbolize love and respect, pink roses represent gratitude, white roses signify purity and innocence. You can also choose roses in combination with other flowers to create a more unique bouquet.


Gerberas are bright and cheerful flowers that will adorn a teacher's classroom. They come in a wide range of colors, from vibrant to delicate shades, allowing you to choose the one that the teacher will like the most. Gerberas symbolize joy, optimism, and liveliness, bringing a positive mood to the first day.


Irises are flowers associated with wisdom and pride. They have beautiful flowers with delicate petals in various shades of purple, blue, and yellow. Irises symbolize hope and new beginnings, making them a perfect gift for a teacher on the first day.


Chrysanthemums are flowers associated with autumn and celebrations. They have a wide spectrum of colors and flower shapes. Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, joy, and harmony. You can give a bouquet of chrysanthemums to a teacher on the first day as a symbol of wishes for success and prosperity in the new academic year.


Lilies are flowers associated with purity and grandeur. They have beautiful showy flowers in various colors. Lilies symbolize devotion, nobility, and pride. You can give a bouquet of lilies to a teacher on the first day as a symbol of respect and appreciation for their professional role.

As an expression of gratitude and respect, a gift of flowers is an ideal way to show your appreciation to a teacher. But what flowers should you choose? Which flowers are more suitable for teachers than others? Is there an ideal bouquet for a teacher at school?

Consideration of personal preferences and bouquet style

Before deciding on the choice of flowers, it is worth considering some factors.

Firstly, the age of the teacher. If the teacher is young and energetic, you can choose bright and exotic flowers that will reflect their youth and vitality. For example, flowers such as orchids, gerberas, alstroemeria, or tulips can be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if the teacher is more mature, you may prefer classic and elegant flowers such as roses, lilies, or gladioli.

The second factor to consider is the gender of the teacher. Some flowers have a distinctly feminine or masculine character, so it is important to match the flowers accordingly. For example, flowers with delicate and romantic colors, such as roses or lilies, may be more suitable for a female teacher. On the other hand, a male teacher may lean towards a bouquet with simpler and more austere colors, such as gladioli or chrysanthemums.

Bouquet size for the teacher

Now that you have some general guidelines for choosing flowers, let's address the question of the ideal bouquet size for a teacher at school.

The size of the bouquet can vary depending on the number of flowers and the specificities of the school. Usually, a small bouquet of 5-10 flowers is a reasonable choice as it conveniently fits in the hands and can be easily carried. Too many flowers can be inconvenient for the teacher, especially if they often move around the classroom or have many things in their hands.

However, if you believe that the teacher would appreciate a larger bouquet, you can consider a medium-sized one consisting of 15-20 flowers. It will be slightly larger and more sophisticated, showing your full appreciation and respect for the teacher.

In general, it is important to remember that flowers for a teacher are a personal gift that you choose to express your feelings. It is important that your gift is heartfelt and reflects your full gratitude for the teacher's work.

Don't forget to attach a small congratulatory card to the bouquet with words of gratitude and respect. It is an additional way to express your feelings and appreciation to the teacher.

So, when the time comes to give flowers to your beloved teacher, remember these tips and choose flowers that will reflect your full gratitude and respect for them. By giving flowers, you will not only bring joy to the teacher but also express your gratitude for their invaluable contribution to your education and development.

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Flowers for the First Bell: Choosing a Gift for the Teacher