Privacy policy

Florazon endeavors to protect the privacy of personal data. There is the policy of privacy below and how our company deals with personal data of customers. If you have any questions related to our policy of privacy, please, contact us. If you disagree with our policy of privacy in general or with any separate provision, please, do not use services of Florazon.

1.1. Florazon uses personal data solely for the purposes provided by personal data subject (or as it was obvious from the context).

1.2. Florazon digs up only those personal data that specifically and voluntarily provided by the subject of personal data (for example, name of sender, address of receiver, phone numbers, sender’s e-mail, etc).

1.3. Florazon digs up the minimum of personal data needed for correct and qualitative fulfillment of the order. In any way, company uses special marks when requests the optional information of the subject of personal data.

1.4. All the online payments on the web site are made on the secure page of payment service. Florazon sends to payment service the following information: number of order and the amount to be paid. Florazon may receive from payment services the following information on the subject of personal data: id transaction, transaction amount, transaction status, date of transaction and other technical information relating to this transaction. This information is obtained by Florazon solely for the purpose of automation and acceleration of order processing. Payment services transmit the information to Florazon via SSL-encryption using stable cryptography.

1.5. In addition to personal data, obtained from subjects of personal data, Florazon automatically digs up some information when you visit our website or exchange e-mails with Florazon  Such automated technologies may include “Cookies” and web server logs to collect IP-addresses, data about the operating system and type of browser used by visitor as well as other technical information. This information allows Florazon better to understand and improve the ease of web site use, and also to measure the effectiveness the marketing activity.

1.5.1. The statistics of web site visitors may be used by third parties to analyze advertising campaigns and make other types of statistical analyses. This statistical information on web site visitors does not contain any personal data such as names, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc., except for IP-addresses.

1.6. All the positive reviews, comments and complaints regarding Florazon company submitted on specially designated places on the web site along with the names of their authors are the subject of public information, may be viewed by any web site visitor and can be used for Florazon advertise.

Security and storage of personal data.

2.1. Florazon uses the conventional standards of technological and operational protection of information and personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

2.2. Florazon guarantees the safety and confidentiality of any information received from the subject of personal data during the processing and fulfillment of orders. It does not apply to cases of illegal possession of personal data by third parties; in these cases Florazon disclaims its responsibility.

2.3. Florazon provides access to personal data of customers only to authorized personnel and contractors who gave their consent to the privacy of such information and data.

2.4. Florazon does not transmit personal data to third parties, except for cases required by law, subject of personal data or other cases provided by this section. Florazon understands the value of personal data it possesses and takes all reasonable measures to protect it.

2.5. Any personal data obtained by Florazon is transmitted by SSL-encryption using stable cryptography.

2.6. Florazon disclaims its responsibility if passwords to customers’ accounts become known to third parties by voluntary or involuntary transmission of information by the subject of personal data, loss or theft, etc.

2.7. Florazon disclaims its responsibility in case of force majeure (including hacker attacks).​

2.8. Subject of personal data is entitled at any time to erase personal information from his account.


3.1. Florazon is entitled to amend or adjust this policy of privacy at any time. Any significant changes to this policy will be announced on the web site of Florazon.