What kind of flowers give on a first date?

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18 July

The first date is a special occasion, and you want to make a proper impression on the girl.

Flowers are a great gift option that can express your feelings and show your desire to care of her. However, choosing the right flowers for the first date can be tricky. To make your decision easier, let's look at a few flowers that are appropriate for such a situation.


Rose is a classic symbol of love and beauty. Red rose is especially suitable for showing romantic feelings. If you feel a special connection with your girlfriend and want to surprise her, red roses would be a great choice.


Tulips are  symbol of spring and renewal. They come in a wide range of colors and can express a variety of feelings. For example, white tulips reflect purity and tenderness, pink to express gratitude and affection, and red to show strong feelings of love.


Lilies are  symbol of purity, tenderness and femininity. They have beautiful flowers with a pleasant fragrance that can add romantic mood to your encounter. White lilies are especially suitable for a first date, as they symbolize the innocence and purity of your intentions.


Camellias are elegant flowers that symbolize eternal beauty and grandeur. They are known for their charming colors and harmonious shapes. Camellias can express your passion and interest to girl.


Orchids are a symbol of luxury, beauty and elegance. They look extremely charming and can capture  girl's attention. Orchids can be a choice for those who want to emphasize their luxurious and romantic side.


Freesias are fragrant flowers with bright colors that symbolize joy and happiness. They can express your desire to share positive emotions with a girl and create a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

In addition to the choice of flowers itself, it is important to consider the personal taste of the girl. For example, if you know that she have a favorite kind of flowers or colors, you can choose them. Also, pay attention to seasonal flowers that will be relevant at the time of your meeting.

Don't forget to keep it simple and natural. The first date is a time for spontaneity and casualness. Perhaps instead of a large bouquet of flowers, you can give one special flower or even a small bouquet of wildflowers.

Always remember that flowers are only a symbol of your desire to show respect and interest to the girl. It is also important to be sincere, considerate and supportive during your meeting. No matter what flowers you choose, the most important thing is your sparkling attention and desire to take care of your companion. So focus on creating a pleasant atmosphere, follow the general rules of etiquette and, most importantly, enjoy your time together.

When choosing flowers for a girl on a first date, it is important to consider several aspects that will help you make a better choice. Here are some clarifications to keep in mind:

The nature of the relationship

Consider whether you have a romantic interest in the girl or if it's just a friendly acquaintance. In the case of romantic feelings, you can choose flowers that express love and passion, such as red roses. For a friendly acquaintance, you can choose flowers that express friendship and gratitude, such as sunflowers or tulips;

A girl's personality and taste

Consider what flowers or colors she might prefer. If you know she has her favorite flowers, try to choose them. If you don't know her preferences, choose more universal flowers such as roses or tulips, but choose a color that you find attractive or that can convey certain emotions (e.g., red for passion, white for purity, pink for tenderness);

The specifics of the event and venue

Consider the context of the first meeting. If you are planning a meeting in a romantic restaurant, you can choose elegant and luxurious flowers that will accentuate the atmosphere. If you are planning a meeting outdoors or in a more casual setting, you can choose simpler, more natural flowers such as wildflowers or a bouquet of wildflowers;


The gift of flowers can also be about fragrance. If you know that the girl appreciates fragrant flowers, you can choose flowers with a pleasant fragrance, such as lilies or roses;


Choosing flowers also depends on your budget. It is not necessary to buy a large and expensive bouquet. Sometimes a single special flower or a small bouquet of simple flowers can be more expressive and personal;


Pay attention to the seasonality of flowers. Flowers that are relevant at the time of your meeting can create a special mood and emphasize the specialness of the event;


Some flowers have specific symbolism or etiquette to consider. For example, red roses are associated with romance, yellow roses can express friendship, and white lilies can express purity and innocence. Make sure that the option you choose is appropriate for the context and your relationship to the girl.

Don't forget that the most important thing is your desire to express your attention, interest and concern for the girl. Choose the flowers that you find most appropriate and symbolic for your meeting. The main thing is that your choice should be sincere and reflect your feelings.

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Romantic Blooms: A Guide to Selecting Flowers for a First Date