What to give a girl for her birthday?

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29 august

Gifts for kids (0-2 years old)

- Soft and musical toys: They are safe, soft, and comfortable to cuddle. When choosing plush toys, pay attention to the quality of the material and the absence of small parts. Toys that make pleasant sounds or melodies can be a great choice. This stimulates the baby's listening skills.

- Educational books: These help babies discover the world of books and pictures. Books with embossed pictures: These books can stimulate the baby's sense of touch.

- Sandboxes with a cover: This will help your baby play in the sand without unwanted guests such as insects.

- Soft swings: Ideal for babies who are not yet ready for a big outdoor swing.

- First musical instruments - maracas, bells, musical mats: Easy to use, make pleasant sounds that keep babies interested.

Tip: When choosing gifts for children of this age, it is important to focus on product safety. Give preference to products without small parts that kids can tear off and swallow, and always check the manufacturer's age recommendations.

Gifts for a girl from 3 to 6 years old

- Toy kitchen: Miniature kitchen sets that include a stove, utensils, and various foods can provide hours of playful activity. It also helps children develop imagination and socialization skills. 

- A house for dolls: These houses, which have different rooms and furniture, allow children to create their own stories.

- Coloring books: Choose books with the girl's favorite characters or just interesting drawings. Add to this a set of high-quality colored pencils or wax crayons. 

- Craft kits: Kits for modeling, drawing, and making jewelry can be a great way to develop a girl's creativity.

- Bicycle: A children's bike with extra wheels for stability is a great option for active girls.

- Classic children's board games such as Monopoly for Kids, Guess Who, or Operation can be a great gift that also helps develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills.

Tip: At this age, children are actively developing their interests and preferences. Observe what interests them in everyday life and take it into account when choosing a gift. Always pay attention to the age recommendations on toys to ensure that they are safe and meet the girl's interests.

Gifts for girls aged 7 to 10

- Kits for creating jewelry: Kits of beads, ribbons, and other jewelry that allow children to make their own bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

- Kits for knitting or sewing: Whether it's crocheting or making their own toys, this is a great opportunity to develop creative skills and patience.

- Board games: Games like Catan, Tic Tac Toe or Code Names can be great for spending time with family and friends.

- Puzzles and jigsaw puzzles: Riddles that develop logic, perception, and problem-solving skills will be useful and interesting.

- Adventure books: A series of books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Darius the Bagel can capture the imagination of a young reader.

- Popular science books: Books that talk about nature, space, technology, and introduce the basics of science in a playful way.

Tip: At the age of 7-10, children become more independent and already have their own interests. When choosing a gift, try to take into account their preferences and pay attention to how you can help develop their skills and abilities.

Gifts for teenagers (11-14 years old)

- Smartphones: If your teen doesn't already own a phone, this might be the time to give them their first device.

- Headphones or wireless headsets: For listening to music, podcasts, or online lessons.

- Literature for teens: Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, or The Gravesend Mysteries can be a big hit.

- Drawing kits: Quality pencils, markers, watercolors, and sketchbooks for young artists.

- Sports equipment: For example, a skateboard, rollerblades, badminton, or a ball.

- Basic makeup kits: Such as lipstick, eye shadow, blush.

- Skin care kits: Cleansing gels, masks, creams, and other products specifically designed for a girl's skin.

- Accessories: Backpacks, bags, purses, jewelry can be very valuable and personal gifts.

Tip: At the age of 11-14, teenagers are actively forming their identity and style. It becomes important to consider their personal preferences when choosing a gift. If you are not sure about a particular choice, gift cards to your teen's favorite stores can be a great solution.

We can offer you gifts for any occasion that little ladies will definitely like:

Що подарувати дівчинці на день народження?

Bunny soft pink 30 cm       

   Що подарувати дівчинці на день народження?      

Gift set "Kinder"

Що подарувати дівчинці на день народження?

Chocolate "Milka Oreo"

Що подарувати дівчинці на день народження?

Pug in a hood 20 cm

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What to gift a girl for her birthday?