How to decorate houses on St. Nicholas in Ukraine

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02 december

St. Nicholas Day is one of the most beloved and respected holidays in Ukraine, especially among children. Celebrated on December 19, this holiday carries the spirit of magic, kindness and family traditions. Decorating the house on St. Nicholas is an important part of the preparation for the holiday. Florazon offers a number of ideas and traditions to help create a festive mood in your home.

Traditional Decorating

Traditional decorations on St. Nicholas in Ukraine carry deep meaning and historical significance, creating an atmosphere of festive coziness and warmth.

Use of St. Nicholas Symbols:

- Images and Statuettes: Place images or statuettes of St. Nicholas in central places in your home. These can be icons, miniature sculptures, or even hand-painted statues that reflect the saint's image.

- Historical Context: Tell children stories about St. Nicholas and his significance to reinforce an understanding of tradition and cultural roots.

Ukrainian Traditional Patterns:

- Textile Decorations: Use tablecloths, napkins, pillows, and other furnishings with Ukrainian folk patterns. Embroidered geometric or floral motifs will add brightness and national flavor.

- Handmade: Preference is given to items made by hand, which adds a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness to the house.

Floral Compositions

Florazon's floral arrangements add a special sophistication and vibrant beauty to the holidays.

Winter Flowers and Plants:

- Flower Selection: The ideal flowers for winter arrangements are chrysanthemums, roses, amaryllis or even artificial spruce and fir trees. They can be decorated with red and green ribbons, pinecones, artificial snow to create a festive mood.

- Creating Compositions: Arrange flowers in beautiful vases or baskets, adding green branches or decorative elements to create a unique arrangement.

Flower Garlands:

- Placement: Garlands of fresh or artificial flowers can decorate doorways, windows, staircases or fireplaces. They add a festive and joyful feeling to the interior.

- Design: Garlands can include a variety of flowers and greenery, complemented by festive accessories such as small balloons, bows or glowing elements.

Candles and Lighting

Creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house on St. Nicholas depends largely on the right lighting and the use of candles.

Creating an Atmosphere with Candles:

- Candle Arrangement: Place candles of different sizes and shapes throughout the house, especially in central areas such as the dining room or living room. Choose candles with delicate scents that will add warmth and comfort.

- Safety: Make sure candles are a safe distance from flammable materials and never leave them unattended, especially if there are children or pets in the house.

Holiday Lighting:

- Using garlands: Decorate your home with soft, glowing garlands that can be hung on windows, mirrors or around doorways. This will create a magical and enchanting holiday feeling.

- Decorative Lamps: Additionally, you can use decorative table lamps with warm light to create a cozy atmosphere in the corners of the rooms.

Gifts and Treats

The tradition of giving gifts and treats on St. Nicholas is especially important in Ukraine, especially for children.

Baskets with Treats:

- Basket decoration: Prepare beautifully decorated baskets or plates with a variety of treats - fruits, candies, cookies and other sweets. These baskets can be arranged around the house for guests or as a morning surprise for children.

- Design and Placement: Decorate the baskets with colorful ribbons, Christmas ornaments and other festive elements to create a special atmosphere of joy and anticipation of a miracle.

Symbolic Gifts:

- Gifts under the pillow: According to tradition, St. Nicholas leaves gifts under the pillow. These can be small toys, books or other symbolic gifts that will bring joy and wonder to children in the morning.

- Handmade ornaments: Create or purchase handmade ornaments to give to family and friends as a token of care and attention.

By creating a festive atmosphere with candles, lights, gifts and treats, you are not only decorating your home but also bringing a spirit of tradition and family warmth. These little things will help make the St. Nicholas holiday in your home truly magical and unforgettable. Florazon is happy to assist you in choosing decorations and gifts that will add brightness and joy to this special day.


The Feast of St. Nicholas is a wonderful time for family comfort and warmth. By decorating your home according to tradition and adding modern elements from Florazon, you will create a special atmosphere for your family and loved ones. Let this holiday be filled with joy, warmth and wonderful moments!

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St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine: home decoration.