Floral aromatherapy: How flowers affect our well-being

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14 november

In a world where stress and fatigue have become part of everyday life, flower aromatherapy emerges as a natural and effective remedy for improving mood and overall well-being. At Florazon, we believe that flowers can do much more than just decorate our home. They have the ability to have a profound impact on our emotional and psychological balance.

Flowers and their scents: the path to harmony and tranquility

Flowers have long been used to improve well-being. From lavender, known for its relaxing properties, to roses, which help reduce stress and improve your mood. The delicate scents of flowers can reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and stimulate the production of serotonin and endorphins, improving overall health and well-being.

Roses: a symbol of love and peace

Roses not only symbolize love and passion, but also have a calming effect on the mind and body. Their delicate aroma helps you relax and reduce stress levels.

Lavender: a natural relaxant

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. The aroma of lavender helps fight insomnia and anxiety, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

Jasmine: for increased energy

The aroma of jasmine is not only pleasant, but also helps improve concentration and increase energy levels, making it a great choice for your workspace or study.

Gerberas and tulips: brightness and freshness

Bright flowers such as gerberas and tulips can lift your spirits and bring an atmosphere of spring and freshness into your home. They are an excellent choice for improving the atmosphere and emotional state.

Chrysanthemums: Calming effect

Chrysanthemums are known for their soothing properties. Their aroma helps relieve nervous tension and stress, creating a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Peonies: Stimulating and rejuvenating

Peonies emit a warm, slightly sweet aroma that promotes relaxation and improves mood. They are also considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Freesia: Refreshing Energy

The aroma of freesia can rightfully be called one of the most pleasant and refreshing. These flowers are ideal for boosting spirits and energy.

Eucalyptus: Cleansing and Renewal

Although eucalyptus is more often associated with leaves, its flowers also have a strong, refreshing aroma. They help clear the mind and space, bringing a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Carnations: Strengthening the Spirit

Cloves, with their spicy, rich aroma, can stimulate the mind and strengthen the spirit, giving strength and confidence.

Floral aromatherapy is a wonderful way to improve your quality of life by bringing beauty, aroma and positive emotions into your home. With Florazon you can choose the perfect flowers that will suit your needs and help create an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and joy. Our flowers will not only decorate your home, but will also contribute to your well-being and good mood.

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 Flower aromatherapy and well-being.