Creating holiday décor from natural materials

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13 december

These days, more and more people are striving for a sustainable lifestyle, choosing eco-friendly options in all aspects of their lives, including holiday décor. Creating decorations from natural materials not only keeps the environment in harmony, but also brings a unique warmth and beauty to holiday home decorating. In this article, we'll look at how you can create eco-inspired ornaments using handy natural materials.

Using Natural Materials

Creating holiday decorations with natural materials starts with choosing the right elements that will enhance the natural beauty and add coziness to your home.

Wood and Twigs:

- Branches and Twigs: Gather branches and twigs from the garden or park. They can serve as the basis for creating wreaths or garlands. Choose branches of varying lengths and shapes to create texture and volume in your compositions.

- Wooden Scraps: Wooden scraps can be used to create pendants or Christmas tree ornaments. They can also be embellished with drawings or lettering to create unique decorative elements.

Stones and Sand:

- Stones and Pebbles: Collect rocks and pebbles of various sizes and shapes. They can be painted, varnished, or used in their natural state as decorations or elements for centerpieces.

- Sand: Sand can be used to create miniature landscapes or as a base for placing candles and other decorative elements.

Creating Jewelry

Natural materials provide many opportunities for creativity and creating original decorations.

Wreaths and Garlands:

- Natural Wreaths: Create wreaths using spruce or pine branches as a base. Add natural decorations such as pinecones, dried berries, flowers and ribbons to create a beautiful and unique wreath.

- Leaves and Twigs Garlands: String together leaves, branches, dried flowers or dried herbs to create natural garlands. Use natural rope or wire to connect the elements.


- Dried flowers: Dried flowers are a great material for creating long-lasting compositions. They can be used in vases or as part of larger arrangements on a table or mantelpiece.

- Combination Elements: Combine different natural materials such as wood, stones and plants to create harmonious and unique compositions.

Eco-Decor for the Holiday Table

Creating eco-decor for the holiday table involves using natural materials that not only decorate, but also bring a sense of natural harmony and sustainability to the holiday décor. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your table while keeping things eco-friendly and natural.

Natural Hot Trivets:

- Wooden Slices: Use tree slices or thin wooden hot coasters to protect your table. They will add a rustic style and accentuate the natural setting.

- Stone Coasters: Stone or granite coasters are also great as eco-friendly and stylish holiday table accessories.

Table Decorating with Natural Elements:

- Leaves and Branches: Decorate the table with green leaves, sprigs of lavender or rosemary. Not only do they look fresh and beautiful, but they also add a nice flavor.

- Flowers and Berries: Small bouquets of wildflowers, sprigs of berries or dried flowers can be a great decoration for the table.

Using Natural Materials for Serving:

- Wooden or Bamboo Utensils: As an alternative to traditional utensils, use elements made of wood or bamboo - plates, bowls, trays.

- Fabric Napkins: Choose natural fabric napkins instead of disposable paper napkins. They will add elegance to the table and can be reused.

Eco-Decor for Treats:

- Serving Treats on Wooden Boards: Arrange appetizers, cheeses, fruits or desserts on large wooden boards for an aesthetically pleasing and convenient serving.

- Natural Dish Decorations: Use fresh herbs, berries or colored leaves to decorate dishes, this will add a natural and vibrant feel to your serving.

Creating holiday decorations from natural materials is not only an eco-friendly choice, but also a great way to add a special atmosphere of warmth and natural beauty to your home. These ideas will help you create unique and stylish decorations that will delight you and your guests while being environmentally friendly.

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Eco-Decorations for Holidays: Crafting Decor from Natural Materials