Amazing facts about flowers

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17 January

Flowers are not just a beautiful decoration. They hold many amazing secrets and facts that few people know about. From ancient symbols to modern scientific discoveries, flowers have always been more than just plants. In this article, we will reveal some of the most amazing facts about flowers that will make you look at your favorite bouquets in a new way.

1. Flowers can "communicate" with bees

Electrical Signals:

- Scientists have discovered that flowers can emit weak electric fields that are sensed by bees. These fields change when a bee approaches the flower, creating a kind of dialog between the plant and the insect.

Attracting Bees:

- These electrical signals help bees determine if the flower has already been visited by another bee, indicating the presence or absence of nectar. In this way, bees can search for nutritional resources more efficiently.

2. The oldest flower in the world

Fossilized Flowers:

- Fossilized remains discovered by scientists are thought to be proof of the existence of the oldest flowers. It is estimated that they are about 125 million years old.

Importance of the Discovery:

- This discovery helps scientists better understand the evolution of flowering plants and their role in ecosystems over millions of years.

3. Roses have been around longer than humans

Ancient Origin:

- Fossilized remains of roses found by scientists indicate that these flowers existed on Earth millions of years ago, long before humans existed.

Roses in History:

- Roses have played an important role in many ancient cultures as symbols of beauty, love and honor. Their images can be found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and even on tomb walls.

Botanical Evolution:

- Over time, roses have evolved to adapt to different climatic conditions, resulting in a huge variety of species and varieties.

4. Sunflowers follow the sun

The Phenomenon of Heliotropism:

- Sunflies are known for their unique behavior of heliotropism - the ability to turn their heads after the sun during the day. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in young sunfish.

How It Works:

- During growth, sunflower stems are flexible and can change their position in response to the movement of the sun. This is due to cell growth on the side of the stem facing away from the sun, which causes the plant to tilt toward the light.

5. Tulips are more valuable than gold

Tulipomania in Holland:

- During the tulipomania period in 17th century Holland, the price of tulip bulbs reached incredible heights, sometimes exceeding the value of gold. It was one of the first instances of an economic bubble in history.

Value and Rarity:

- Rare varieties of tulips became so valuable that their bulbs were used as currency and huge speculation swirled around them.

6. Orchids are some of the most diverse flowers around

Huge Variety:

- The orchid family includes over 25,000 species, making them some of the most diverse flowering plants on the planet. 

Unique Adaptation:

- Orchids grow in almost all climates, from the tropics to cold mountain tops, which is a testament to their amazing adaptability and evolutionary flexibility.

Floral Beauty:

- Orchids are prized for their amazing beauty and unusual flowers, which can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as bright and unusual colors and patterns.


Flowers are amazing not only for their beauty, but also for their rich history, unique properties and ability to influence the world around them. Knowing these amazing facts, every time you receive or give a bouquet, you will realize the depth and significance of these beautiful creatures of nature.

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Amazing Facts About Flowers: Discoveries That Will Change Your View on Bouquets